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Tunnel People was Teun Voeten’s debut. It was originally published in 1996 at the Amsterdam based publishing house Atlas, under the title ‘Tunnelmensen’. In 2010, the updated version appeared in the USA at PM Press, Oakland. Voeten translated the book himself and luckily he had still kept all his notebooks with transcripts of the unique tunnel slang. In 2013, Fosfor Publishers, Amsterdam, published the updated and thoroughly rewritten Dutch version as an e-book.

Among homeless experts, ‘Tunnel People’ has become a classic and it is widely used at anthropology and sociology departments worldwide, ‘a supreme example of participant observation’, one journal wrote. Nearly twenty years, the tunnel still captures people’s imagination.

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how the body teun voeten


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Other books by Teun Voeten

How the body

By Teun Voeten

One Man's Terrifying Journey Through an African War

Most in the calamities that have captured the headlines in recent months is the civil war that has raged in the tiny Western African nation of Sierra Leone for nearly a decade. In 1998, acclaimed photojournalist Teun Voeten headed to Sierra Leone for what he thought would be a standard assignment on the child soldiers there -- many of whom are only seven years old. No sooner had Voeten arrived, the cease-fire ended, and the battle between peacekeeping forces and the military junta erupted in full force. Taking refuge in the bush from rebels intent on killing him, Voeten was convinced his life was about to end.

How de Body? is Voeten's amazing story of survival and escape in a nation engulfed by civil war and features his award-winning, and heartbreaking, black-and-white photographs -- that have appeared in Vanity Fair -- from his multiple trips to this conflicted area.

Originally published 2000 by Meulenhoff Publishers, Amsterdam.
ISBN: 90 290 6514 1

English translation published 2002 at St. Martin's Press, New York
Price: 25 USD, 20 Euro, Cloth
ISBN: 0 312 28219 2



A Ticket To

By Teun Voeten

Since 1991, Voeten has photographed conflict zones all over the world. Images from Bosnia, Sudan, Rwanda, Sierra Leone and Afghanistan appear in A Ticket To, his first photo book. Media professor Henri Beunders wrote the intro, Voeten wrote Neo-Vulturisme in contemporary Documentary Photography., a sarcastic essay that has become required reading at journalistic schools world wide.

Published 1999 by Veenman Publishers, Ede (NL), English/Dutch
Price: 20 Euro, 25 USD, Hardcover, 52 pages
ISBN: 90 278 1547 X



Saddam Mania

By Teun Voeten (photography) and Sharoz Makarechi (design)

When Voeten arrived April 2003 in Baghdad, just after the fall of Saddam Hussein, he was fascinated by a cult of personality he had not seen before. Saddam portraits were omnipresent. The ousted ruler had taken on multiple persona: a stern yet benevolent ruler, a macho army leader, a pietous sheik, a succes full diplomat, even a sexy playboy. Within a week of his fall, most of his portraits were defaced and ultimately destroyed. Voeten managed to photograph as many of them as possible. In a ground breaking and controversial show in 2005, New York based creative director and curator Sharoz Makarechi exhibited the images larger than life at the gallery space of Think Tank 3 in Lower Manhattan. Saddam Mania is more as a catalogue: It is a smart social critic that reveals Saddam as a Super Brand in itself.

Published in 2006 by Think Tank 3, New York, in a special custom made, hand signed edition of 12.
Format: 15 by 22 cm, spray painted hard cover
Pages: 24, including 18 custom made giclee prints and an introductory essay by Sharoz Makarechi.
Price: 500 USD, 400 Euro



Narco Estado

Drug Violence in Mexico

By Teun Voeten

From 2009 till 2011, Voeten focused on the drug related violence that is destabilizing Mexico. He visited the epicenter of the violence, Ciudad Juarez, as well as other hot spots such as Culiacan and Michoacan. With introductary essays by El Paso based anthropologist Howard Campbell as well as Culiacan based writer Javier Valdez Cardenas, this hard hitting photobook tries to explains why the drug violence in Mexico can no longer be ignored as a fringe criminal problem, since it is eroding the very fundaments of our human civilization. The bookdesign, sober yet strong, is the work of renowned Dutch designer Jan Kleingeld who also designed 'A Ticket To', Voeten's first photo book.

Published 2012 by Lannoo, Belgium
Price: 30 Euro or 40 USD, Softcover, 144 pages.
ISBN:978 94 014 0407 5



New York, New York

By Teun Voeten

New York, New York is a celebration of the majestetic architecture and skylines of the island of Manhattan. Since Voeten first visited New York as a seventeen year old exchange student, he was to be forever mesmerized by its towering skyscrapers. This book features a selection of the large format architectural photographs that Voeten has been making with his Arca Swiss Technical Camera, a series that will never end...

originally published in 2005 at VIPs Gallery Rotterdam
Price: 20 USD, 15 Euro, paperback
Pages: 40, including an introductory essay by Pieter van Oudheusen.
ISBN: Not available, limited edition of 400 signed copies.




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