teun voeten tunnel people


Photographing the tunnel people was quiet a challenge. First, it took a long time to gain the trust of the people so they would feel confident around a camera. And obviously the lack of light was a big problem. At the time of the tunnel, digital technology was hardly around. For the shots with existing light, Teun Voeten took the manual Leica M6 with TMAX film with a speed of 3200 ASA, at that time the fastest film available. For the outside shots, he used his old workhorse, the Nikon FM2 with HP5 film, aided sometimes by a flash. It took months of experimenting with light, exposures and developing before satisfactory results were made. In 2010, just before the updated edition, Voeten went back in the tunnel with and documented the eerily empty spaces, now on a Nikon 300 digital camera.

The photos from tunnel people have been and still are exhibited worldwide. They are available as silver gelatin fiber prints, hand made from the original negative, in a limited and signed edition of 35.