tunnel people teun voeten

Welcome to the Tunnel People of New York

At the end of the millennium, thousands of homeless people roamed the streets of Manhattan. A small group of them went underground. Invisible to society, they managed to start a new life in the tunnel systems of the city. Photographer and cultural anthropologist Teun Voeten gained unprecedented access to this netherworld. For five months in 1994 and 1995 he lived, slept and worked in the tunnel. In 1996, the tunnel people were evicted, but they were offered alternative housing. Some succeeded in starting again above ground, while others failed. In the updated version of the book, Voeten tracked down the original tunnel dwellers and describes what has happened in the thirteen years since they left the tunnels.

Academics, journalists and homeless advocates alike praise Tunnel People as a frank, vivid and accurate description with a wealth of ethnographic details on homeless life in New York in the nineties.

Teun Voeten is an award winning war photographer and author based in New York and Brussels. More of his work on www.teunvoeten.com